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Adding motion, sound and animation is a great way to attract attention while conveying your message. Flash technology now enables you to present your message through moving text and backup pictorial documentation with smooth transitions.

A well-designed and implemented Flash piece can add the impact needed to set you apart from competition.

Flash On The Web

A Flash introduction with motion, sound or animation on your website can add impact to your website and make it more attractive. It can significantly improve the appeal of your site without adding unnecessary download speeds.

Flash presentations and introductions are used for displaying and changing products so that a viewer can see an entire collection in a few seconds of Flash introduction. We have expertise in all kinds of
Flash for websites, please contact us to view our sample work.

Flash And Streaming Video

Stand-alone video can have long download times and can make your website slow. However, we can integrate video into your Flash presentation, allowing for increased visual impact with a download time that is significantly faster.

Most users who view multimedia on the web have Flash capabilities on their computers, so the conversion of your video to Flash ensures that your visitors won’t have any additional programs to download to view your video segment.

With Flash the possibilities are endless. We can add text and graphics to your video segment - add text that summarizes messages or add your company logo or important graphics - all this without the expense of re-mastering the entire video segment.

Flash Animations

Animation can be accomplished by adding motion to graphic illustrations to explain a manufacturing or production process, provide a graphical diagram for a complex process, provide imagery for elements that can’t be easily photographed, or even add a touch of play with animated character illustrations. We can include photographs, video segments, sound bytes, text and graphics in your Flash presentation. To provide a more realistic representation through graphics, we are in experienced in 3D modeling, which can be imported into Flash to work with your entire presentation.

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Intranets / Extranets
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An intranet is a web environment within the boundaries of your organization wherein employees or other authorized users can exchange information. It is called an extra net when people outside of the organization have access to (parts of) the intranet.

CRM Solutions
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Customer relationship management (CRM) is all about managing the relationships you have with your customers - including potential customers. From this in-depth analysis we have grouped these requirements into 6 key components:

  • Product Management
  • Saless & Marketing
  • Contact Management
  • Business Processes and Workflow
  • Time & Activity Management
  • Partner Management
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